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Colleyville Will Contest Attorneys

In Texas, all wills go through probate. Probate refers to the procedure the court goes through to legally validate the will and distribute assets to heirs. Our experienced Grapevine probate attorneys can help your family navigate the legal process during this emotionally challenging time.

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At the Law Offices of Thomas & Henderson, we have more than 40 combined years of experience helping clients with estate planning and the probate process. The best way to avoid a costly and time-consuming probate is by drafting accurate and detailed estate planning documents in the present. If this was not completed, a knowledgeable estate dispute lawyer can negotiate and litigate with the court in order to ensure that the needs of the decedent and the desires of the deceased are met.

Dying Without a Will

When someone dies in Texas without a will, it is called “dying intestate.” If this happens, the state has laws that are used to determine how the estate will be divided and distributed to the heirs. It is a very lengthy and complicated process, but our firm has a great deal of experience guiding clients through it.

There are several issues involved with intestate probate, including:

  • Identifying and representing unknown heirs
  • Court-appointed guardians for underage children
  • Additional costs are deducted from the estate

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