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Southlake Child Support Modification Attorneys

Aspects of life change on a daily basis with major alterations happening a bit less frequently. When the larger changes happen, it might become necessary to modify a divorce judgment.

The Grapevine divorce modification attorneys at the Law Offices of Thomas & Henderson have more than 40 combined years of experience representing either side in a modification dispute. There are several reasons for a divorce decree to be modified such as the loss of job, relocation or medical emergency.

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In Texas, nearly every aspect of a divorce judgment can be modified, but the three most common changes involve:

  • Child custody modification
  • Visitation modification
  • Child support or spousal support modification

With good reasons, and sound arguments, it is possible to change these stipulations to be more accurate and beneficial. Although it is more difficult to adjust child support or spousal support downward, it is possible in the hands of an experienced lawyer. In these situations, the burden is on the person who wants to make the change.

In our practice, we have experience representing clients who are either seeking a modification or disputing a potential modification. Our experience in seeing the disputes from both sides allows us to better represent our specific clients as we have a greater understanding of the types of arguments we might see from the other attorneys.

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