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Texas has established child support guidelines that outline how much a parent will be required to pay (or receive) for child support. There are several factors the courts will take into account, including the physical location of the child throughout the year. For that reason, it is important to consult with a Texas family law attorney who can properly explain the guidelines to you, examine your options and your position, and advise you as to the probable child support payments that will be ordered by the court.

At Thomas & Henderson, P.C., our family law attorneys utilize over 40 years of combined experience to assist you with your child support issues. We listen to you and prepare you for the legal process and probable future outcomes of your child support matter. You will appreciate our genuine concern and proactive communications regarding any changes or updates to your case. For additional information about our personal attention and qualifications, as well as some of the benefits of retaining our legal services, please visit our Firm Overview page.

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Skilled Child Support Enforcement and Child Support Modification Lawyer

In addition to representing clients in child support matters during a divorce, we also handle post-divorce child support matters, including the following:

  • Child Support Enforcement: We represent mothers and fathers in child support enforcement proceedings, including allegations of being a deadbeat dad to enforcing the child support obligations set forth in the divorce decree.
  • Child Support Modification: We realize circumstances and situations can change significantly from the time you were divorced. When this occurs, we can assist you in requesting a modification of the child support order. Some examples would include the loss of a job or demotion, as well as a new job or promotion. Because of changing circumstances, and the fact that regardless of the circumstances your present child support obligations will continue until a modification is filed, we recommend you have your child support reviewed by an experienced family law attorney every three years.

For questions regarding Texas child support obligations, child support enforcement, or a post-divorce modification of child support, please schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Texas family law attorney by calling us at (817) 358-8900 or filling out our intake form on our Contact Us page. We care.

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