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Southlake Family Mediation Attorneys

Families involved in the wide range of disputes that surround divorce often find themselves in mediation. This method of dispute resolution is best handled by experienced Grapevine mediation attorneys to ensure your rights are protected.

At the Law Offices of Thomas & Henderson, we have a licensed mediator on staff and our lawyers are skilled in dispute resolution. There are two perspectives related to mediation:

  • As a mediator: In mediation, a neutral and objective mediator presides over the process. Each party is represented by an attorney, and the arguments are presented to the mediator who can offer advice and suggestions as to how best to proceed. We have a licensed mediator on our staff who can fill this role.
  • Representing clients at mediation: Our lawyers are skilled mediators as well as accomplished trial attorneys. We understand the types of things a mediator wants to hear, and what factors should be brought up first. If mediation does not resolve these disputes to your satisfaction, we are confident in our ability to represent you in court.

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As a method of dispute resolution, mediation is considered favorable for a number of reasons, including:

  • Collaborative process that everyone feels involved in
  • Personal stake in resolution leads to belief that it was the right resolution
  • Typically quicker resolutions than courtroom litigation
  • Quicker time period leads to less cost
  • Objective third party removes a great deal of emotions from discussions

Most family law matters are resolved through mediation. In these matters, it is wise to retain a firm experienced in guiding clients through alternative methods of dispute resolution. Do not hesitate to contact our firm.

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